b_0_180_16777215_0___images_stories_brendovi_slike_4fs1410_m.jpgAs part of the Schaeffler Group, we are constantly in contact with vehicle manufacturers all over the world – good links that we use for the development of new technologies, to ensure that our customers receive system and engineering expertise together with products all from a single source.
We supply the global free spare parts market with first-rate brand spare parts purchased solely from international original equipment manufacturers and quality suppliers. Whether for cars or heavy goods vehicles, our products are subject to numerous internal and external tests before they can be used, either as an individual component or as part of a kit.

b_0_180_16777215_0___images_stories_brendovi_slike_spannrollen_kit_m.jpgAs far as we see it, service is just as important as first-class product quality. Perfect logistics, practical finishing processes and appropriate training programmes ensure we keep our customers satisfied and well informed.
Whether motor or chassis – all system know-how from a single source. As system specialist, our product expertise and high standard of service simplifies business procedures in the trade and garages. From delivery via storage through to advice and sales, we put efficiency and system into the processes.

The pioneering system solutions in OE quality for all common European and Asian vehicles are ideally rated to each other, thus providing more success and satisfaction right down to the individual garage.

b_0_180_16777215_0___images_stories_brendovi_slike_spannrolle_m.jpgMeticulous supplier appraisal, OE-standard product quality, systematic quality management and a modern ERP system guarantee constantly high levels for products and service. RUVILLE's innovative powers and system know-how result in a continuous supply of newly developed answers to constantly changing market conditions – for products, advice, services and training.