lumag delovi za kamioneLUMAG was founded in 1988 by Marek Zak, who is currently the main shareholder of the company and its President of the Board. The company started as a producer of friction linings. Today, LUMAG is the domestic market leader in the production of linings and pads for commercial vehicles (LUMAG brand) and one of the leading producers of pads for passenger cars (BRECK brand).

LUMAG is constantly investing to modernize the company and increase its production capacity. In the last three years we have invested over 3.7 million euro to purchase and implement modern technologies and digitally controlled production machinery - especially for the production of brake pads for passenger cars. Each year our production lines output over 3 million friction linings and close to 2 million brake pads.

It is essential for the braking system in a vehicle to be reliable and effective, as it is this system that determines the safety of road users. The efficiency of the braking system directly depends on its structure and its technical condition, that is why the proper selection of brake pads and brake linings and their regular technical inspection are so crucial.

lumag delovi za kamionLUMAG has all the necessary certificates required from producers of friction materials. Those documents confirm the right selection of production technology and are testimony to the high quality of our products.

The mission of LUMAG is to provide vehicle users with reliable products of highest quality, ensuring safe driving and improving the general safety of all road users. We strive to operate in compliance with environmental protection regulations and respecting the interest of the local community.