FRIMATEC delovi za kamioneFRIMATEC Automotive GmbH is a leading manufacturer of water pumps, torque rods & V-Stays in the worldwide aftermarket. We produce in Wendelstein, Germany and our production works right according to quality management standards of ISO 9001-2000. Our long-time experience and the high quality standards ensure a constant hight quality for products with the brand
Our product range includes parts for commercial vehicles, mostly trucks & buses, like water pumps, torque rods, V-Stays, tie rods, steering rods, ball joints, air conditioning compressors and repair kits.
We produce spare parts for all european cv manufacturers like  DAF, IVECO, SCANIA, MAN, MERCEDES-BENZ, RENAULT & VOLVO.

Frimatec - delovi za kamioneDecades of experience in the manufacturing of automotive parts and detailed understanding of customer requirements are advantages of our production team.
Each FRIMATEC part has to pass a quality check before it is sold. Our continually reviewed and improved production methods are in cooperation with the modern testing machines to ensure consistently high quality:
Made in Germany!